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Post-Doctoral  Research Fellow
Post date: 20 May 2018

At NUS, a new project funded by Singapore’s National Research Foundation, is investigating electrically-driven plasmonic interconnect technology. Plasmon, is an electromagnetic quantum hybrid between electron and photon, and may offer the superior solution between conventional electrical and optical interconnects. We are seeking motivated researchers to work with us to imagine and investigate the system architecture for such a technology. We are looking for folks with experience in interconnect and system modeling.

Relevant Experience: Microprocessor System Modeling, Interconnect R-C modeling, Verilog-A and SPICE model development

Nature of work: Computer modeling and Simulations

Contact: Aaron.Thean@nus.edu.sg

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Post-Doctoral  Research Fellow
Post date: 23 May 2018

As part of a joint laboratory with an industry partner, we are initiating a new research program on atomic-layer-base patterning. We seek researchers with experience in atomic layer deposition process  and chemistry to work with us on developing  selective deposition and etch methods. Email us your CV, if you see a good match with your experience and interests.

Relevant Experience: ALD-based processes, material deposition/removal, characterization, surface science and chemistry research

Nature of work: Process research and development, material characterization

Contact: Aaron.Thean@nus.edu.sg

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25May, 2018

Administrative Assistant

The Hybrid Integrated Flexible Electronic Systems (HiFES) program is an initiative by NUS and Faculty of Engineering to spearhead innovations in hybrid flexible electronics. We are looking for a customer service oriented administrative assistant to provide general administration, logistical and purchasing support to ensure the smooth operation of HiFES research center and nanofabrication facility.

“We regret to inform that only shortlisted candidates will be notified”