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On 3 Aug, HiFES was honoured to have the presence of Globalfoundries Visiting Professor, Takao Someya from the Department of Electric and Electronic Engineering, University of Tokyo to give a flexible electronics presentation on breathable on-skin sensors for long term health monitoring.

The talk is a follow on sequence to first part of the flexible electronic thematic talk by Prof Someya in 2016 on wearable electronics. Below are some recaps of his last presentation:

  • how the significant number of wirings were achieved for the E-Skin system
  • how Stretchable Organic Integrated circuit were formed by special fabrication and simple printing process without adverse impact on the high conductivity requirement with the use of the New Printable Elastic Conductors

The Hypoallergenic On-skin Sensors is made possible by making use of the conductive nanomesh structure that have been successfully fabricated inflammation-free, highly gas-permeable, ultrathin and lightweight. The substrate-free design using nanomesh sensors can significantly reduce the risk of inflammation caused by on-skin sensors.

In conclusion, the elastic electrode constructed of breathable nanoscale meshes approach holds promise for the development of noninvasive e-skin devices that can monitor a person’s health continuously over a long period.