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On 22 Jun 2017, NUS HiFES invited Wallace C.H. Choy, the professor from the Department of Electrical and Computing Engineering of The University of Hong Kong to share his recent study on the New Schemes of Room-Temperature Solution-Processed Metal Oxide Semiconductors and Transparent Flexible Electrode for High Performance Optoelectronic Devices at the Faculty of Engineering in NUS.

Noted that Transition Metal Oxides are promising materials for carrier transport layers because of their good electrical properties, stability, and optical transmission, Prof Wallace and his researchers explored the room-temperature solution approaches for forming various metal oxides amid the fact that high temperature evaporation and sputtering are commonly used for forming metal oxide semiconductors:

  • The team proposed and demonstrated several low-temperature solution-processed approaches for forming transparent and efficient metal oxide-based carrier transport layers including electron and hole transport layers. With the incorporation of metal nanoparticles, the electrical and optical properties could be enhanced. The interesting features of the novel carrier extraction layers are low temperature, solution process and water free for high performance optoelectronics such as OSCs with power conversion efficiency (PCE) of 10.5%.
  • They also developed some room-temperature processed Ag nano-network which can serve as transparent flexible electrodes.
  • With the knowledge of solution processed organic and inorganic materials, different approaches for highly stable and efficient perovskite SCs were proposed with no hysteresis and most recent PCE of 20.5%.
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