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NUS PhD Scholarship (Posted May 23 2018)

Seeking scholarship candidate to investigate reconfigurable electronics for future Neuromorphic Chips

Potential research topic:  Memristive and Memcapcitive Multi-terminal Memory Devices and Circuits

Nature of work: Device fabrication and characterization


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NUS PhD Scholarship (Posted May 24 2018)

Seeking scholarship candidate curious about the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Semiconductor Technologies  to be part of a research program on Machine-Learning-guided Device and Circuit Modeling.

Potential topic area:  Machine-Learning-Enabled Failure Analysis of Advanced Chips

Nature of work: Computer modeling and simulation


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NUS PhD Candidate (Posted May 23 2018)

Seeking  candidate to investigate Flexible-Hybrid Electronic Device and Circuit designs. This is part of a joint laboratory between NUS and A*STAR SimTech research institute. The position is funded jointly by NUS and A*STAR.

Potential research topic:  Printed circuit design and fabrication

Nature of work: Computer circuit design and/or high-precision circuit printing


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