A Near-and-Short-Wave IR Tunable InGaAs Nanomembrane PhotoFET on Flexible Substrate for Lightweight and Wide-Angle Imaging Applications

We demonstrate an InGaAs nanomembrane field-effect phototransistor with wide-band spectral response tunability, from the visible to near-infrared light. The ultra-thin InGaAs channel (15nm) device, enabled by epitaxial lift-off of InGaAs-on-InP MOSHEMT, is integrated with a fully exposed channel for photosensitivity enhancement. The photocurrent is tunable >5 orders for a gate bias range of 6 V. On-state photo-responsivities of 380 A/W to 15 A/W for 660 nm to 1877 nm light is measured, >2x more sensitive than existing silicon and III-V photodetectors [1-3]. The device shows no performance degradation when flexed down to 10-cm radius, showing suitability for conformal surface sensor applications. Hyperspectral sensing and imaging through haze, fog, rain and other atmospheric conditions are of special interests for a widening range of surveillance applications.

Researcher / Author:  Y. Li, A. Alian, L. Huang, K. W. Ang, D. Lin, D. Mocuta, N. Collaert, and A V-Y Thean
2018 Symposium on VLSI Technology, Honolulu, USA, 

For full publication paper, email: hifes@nus.edu.sg

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