Yang Hyunsoo joined the National University of Singapore in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2007. He is currently an Associate professor working on various nanomaterials and devices for future electronic applications. He also holds the Chaired Associate Professorship with Global Foundries.

A/Prof Yang earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Seoul National University in 1998 and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in the electrical engineering department of Stanford University in 2003 and 2006, respectively. From 1988 he worked at a circuit and system design company, earning a patent award, until 2001, when he enrolled in Stanford’s graduate school on a scholarship from the Korean Ministry of Information and Communications.

A/Prof Yang had been working on long-wavelength photonic devices at Stanford University. Since 2004, he had been at IBM-Stanford Spintronic Science and Applications Center. His doctoral research focused on the metal spintronics, especially magnetic tunnel junctions for the magnetic random access memory application.

  • MRAM and Magnetic Tunnel Junction Memory Cell


  • Field Switching MRAM by Everspin

  • Next Generation NV Memories
  • Flexible Magnetic Tunnel Junctions
  • Next Generation THz tools and devices

Awarded the fellowship in the conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Material

Won the American Physical Society (GMAG) outstanding dissertation award